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Well…come in!!!

This is where I’m finally going to start telling the story…the one I should have been sharing with you a long time ago. This is where I am going to share some of what I have been learning.

Those of you who know me know I am a secret keeper, and while at times this is has been necessary, now is no longer a time for me to live in the shadows. This is a time of revelation, where we can begin to put the pieces of the bigger picture, and as long as I hoard my pieces, this cannot happen.

So…It is here that I display my own journey here for our mutual fulfillment and entertainment. I want to flex my creative muscles, and hopefully save you time figuring a few things out. I don’t know about your reality, but for me, we are living in an epic story, that we are all writing together, first with our dreams, and then with our excitement and faith in our dreams, and finally, with our acting upon them. This will be both a blog and an expose of writing and information that has helped to awaken me on all levels. This is a blend of raw creative passion, political awareness, psychology, spiritual study, game theory and physical training tips, and my personal stories worth sharing.

Why the name fSerpent?

A feathered serpent is the most unlikely creature; a pairing of the lowest, the snake, with the highest, the bird…and through this union, a force of celestial power is created. This is the ultimate union of opposites. And in so uniting above and below, you have transcendence, the ability to birth something altogether, new. This is the power that the human race requires at this time to continue it’s evolution. We must unify that opposing aspects in order to transcend our suffering.

In our world, we are bombarded with the dilemma of duality. We are constantly confronting it. We are asking:


  • How can I both make a lot of money and also do what I love?
  • How can I have peace and trust in the bigger plan while also knowing i need to bust my ass to get where I want and take full responsibility for my life?
  • How can I have positive hope for the future with so may corrupt and dark things happening in our world?
  • How can I find love that is true and genuine and also sexually exhilarating?
  • How can our individual lives mean so much to us and yet be just one small story on a backwater planet in a backwater galaxy?
  • How can we reconcile the desire to be good and also live free to experience the pleasures of our desires?


It is in the union of opposites that we find the truth, the secret option C(Key Term) of life that yields the nectar and golden fleece of our wildest dreams. This is my science. As an old friend of ours once said:

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner…there is the kingdom of heaven.”