December 10, 2014

The Crushing Notion of the Mechanical Universe

Time to enter the ‘real world’. That’s just ‘the way it is’.

That’s what they say right? Why do people hold the attitude that the world is a fixed thing?

You see, we have been sold a picture of reality that is quite depressing. The very sunglasses we are wearing are tinted dark. Our scientific explorers have told us that the universe functions according to a series of logical and immutable rules. Like the cogs of a giant machine, these rules govern the predictable course of time and space. Thus, science has arrived at ‘the truth’ as we now see it.

This knowledge and its supremacy has had an unintended side effect; beyond simply curtailing superstitious beliefs, it has actually suppressed imagination: it has dimmed our sense of possibility, our capacity to believe in dreams that may seem fantastic or more beautiful than the grey world we are told is our environment. It made us begin to believe, at a subconscious level, that power is outside of ourselves and that we are governed by the rules of the world around us. In fact, it has spread to all facets of who we, as a modern culture, conceive ourselves to be. After all, we become the stories we tell about ourselves.

Today, everything is governed by this thinking of external limits and rules. Economists established rules and tendencies to explain the rise and fall of productivity and profit, and refined this science. Meanwhile, what about the psychology of a human population, their level of collective vision that results in industriousness or hopelessness? In Italy, the economy continues to shrink quarter over quarter, but the numbers of this depression are not the cause but the result of something much deeper going on within the fabric of Italian society. How do we get to the roots?

The medical field has developed formulae and medicines to respond to symptoms, with the logic of a mechanic fixing a car. You have X problem, then the doctor applies Y drug or regimen. The tremendous aspect of a human’s will to live and their overall outlook on life is rarely considered, yet they are huge determinants in healing that can make the difference between recovery and illness given the same treatment. How do we get to the roots?

This scientific analysis was extended to psychology where it was assumed that chemical imbalances in the brain caused depression. Therefore, applying certain drugs was supposed to be a cure for these imbalances. What about looking deeply into that person’s psyche and having them do the self reflection and personal development needed to bring contentment and balance? How do we get to the roots?

Reality itself seems more fixed to the western mind than it really is. We look at the numbers in a suffering economy and think: boy it’s bad out there. We think to ourselves that jobs are hard to find. And yet many people who ignore all that just go out there and get themselves a job!

These ideas of ‘solidness’ even applies to our romantic lives. We think we are only so attractive (10 scale anyone?) and therefore define our possibilities with this idea of our own self worth. We begin to think that we are only valuable for certain aspects of ourselves….and we think we have to date ‘this sort of person’. We limit ourselves, and constrain our possibility. Who knows what wonderful people are out there and open to loving you?

All these thoughts weigh upon our sense of possibility; and over the years, the world becomes small. We walk the streets and focus only on our destination. Even if a wonderful person walks by, we leave no space for that chance magical encounter to occur or for that new friend to be made. We go to dinner and other than eating our dinner, we don’t see the chance to meet with a new business contact or a share a laugh between strangers. We go to school not realizing what new learning might open our minds, but rather simply to to get our degree to prepare us for our job.

This purpose driven world fails us because our sense of imagination has become too small. We can’t conceive of the power of possibility at work, we can’t imagine all of the limitless terrain we walk on. In fact, for many, this is terrifying, to think that our dreams might manifest at any moment. It is scary because once you know it is possible, you realize how afraid you are of having them realized. You are afraid that maybe your world is bursting with the possibility of wonder, and that it is YOUR responsibility to seize this opportunity or not. In some ways, it is easier on the mind to think the world is grey and mechanical than to try to wrap our heads around limitless potential.

I encourage you to study quantum physics, because this new branch of scientific inquiry is beginning to reveal that the world is not the cold mechanical beast we once thought, but rather an ocean of possibilities, fluctuating in harmony as the sum total of everyone’s psychological inputs govern the field. You and the other 7 billion humans here are creating reality itself! It is directly affected by what we think about; how life is for us is largely our creation.

This new worldview takes hold, and we begin to conceive of the possibility that your life is a conversation you are having with the universe, and that the universe is very actively listening to and responding to your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Then, as you pay more and more attention to what you are putting out there, you notice that the external world mirrors the changes going on within you. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction and much New Age thought, but gradually we are understanding there is a scientific basis for these philosophies that we are just now uncovering.

As this truth sinks in, you will realize the immense power and responsibility you have; because you are creating your life a new every day! What doors will you open? What people will you attract? What glory awaits us?


I wouldn’t put a limit on that.