July 1, 2015

Pain is a Doorway

You’ve learned to fear it. You’ve learned to avoid it. You’ve learned to numb yourself to it.


And you wonder why you don’t feel so alive. You’ve rejected your precious pain.


You pain, it not what you have mistaken it for. It is a gift. Your pain opens a door unto your heart, it reminds you you are not just a mental being. Your pain brings up your feelings from the depths of your being, calls forth the memories of hope and loss, and fills you with the urgency that is our fleeting life on earth. Your pain is a gift.

Most people spend their lives avoiding pain and chasing pleasure; and ephemeral quest that leads to shallow mediocrity. Pain is that which beckons you from comfort to face an unknown night….

I challenge you….

Find your pain…and bear that pain with you….be with it. Watch your pain transform into power.