September 21, 2016

Each Chakra is it’s own World

Many people have begun to discover the reality of the 7 chakras – the core energy centers within us. As you delve deeper into realizing about this…you may come to a realization…


Each Chakra is a world unto it’s own.


Within each one of our chakras exists a unique part of life experience – and a unique worldview. Our root chakra is about success, physical power, strength, and vitality. In the world of the root chakra, we tap into our animalistic nature. We size up others for their ability to out-compete us. We identify physical space where we feel is our territory…and all of this corresponds to our most basic nature : survival and dominance.


If we get punched in the face, that is the world of your Root Chakra pulling you into it.


Every time we go into the gym and have a great workout – we enter the world of the root. That root chakra world is raw and powerful.


In that world of the root chakra, our working life doesn’t matter.

Family doesn’t matter.

Big ideas don’t matter.


In the world of the root chakra, all that matters is your body, your next set, and your will to act.


When we leave the gym…we literally leave the world of our root….and go into a new world.

Most of us prefer to avoid this hard hitting level of reality in favor of more mental centers.


In modern society, we spend most of our time on the level of third chakra. In this world, we think. We think about what we are going to do, about who we are. We constantly strive to be better and more productive. We mentally compare ourselves and our ego to how we stack up against others. We strive for significance and we think about the future.


The third chakra IS the dominant world most people in the west live from.


We feel trapped in the cycle of overthinking, of comparing, or worrying, because too much energy in the solar plexus chakra will cause this neurosis!


A lot of people feel confined in life – but that is your own choice.


Life only SEEMS boring because you have confined yourself to only a few of the worlds.


The other worlds are unfamiliar to you …and they seem scary. 


Let’s consider a person who is highly emotional – a person used to the world of the sacral chakra. This is someone who values fun and joy, someone who obsesses over relationships and who likes who…over feelings and emotions. To them, their life is based out of that sacral world.


The experiences of the 4th chakra…of truly living in the heart and being connected to everything scares this person…. so they stay out of that world and in the sacral.


Or for many people who are big thinkers….

They are scared to enter into the world of root, where blood, sweat, and hard work are what matters.

The question is…what world are you used to living in…and what worlds scare you?


Each (chakra)world will initiate you.


Each chakra is it’s own world. When you are ready to explore that world, you will be initiated.

Experiences will begin to happen that acquaint you to that chakra’s world. When you begin to enter the world of the Third eye for the first time, you may experience strange symptoms of being alive. You may begin to have waking dreams, wild imaginations, or your psychic gifts may come out. You will start to notice coincidences more and become attuned to your intuition.


Don’t be scared…this is your initiation to a new aspect of YOU. You are literally entering a new world


Each world is a new part of yourself – mastering them as a whole is the game.

The more we grow, the more we become adept in different aspects of life. Being human means having the joy of a full life experience. You deserve to experience, joy, love, pain, sadness, success, power, AND insight. You deserve the full buffet line of what life has to offer. The chakras are a gateway for understanding these worlds and mastering them!


If you want to go deeper into this philosophy and explore the worlds you are afraid of… check out the 7 Chakras Master Class!