July 1, 2015

Pain is a Doorway

You’ve learned to fear it. You’ve learned to avoid it. You’ve learned to numb yourself to it.


And you wonder why you don’t feel so alive. You’ve rejected your precious pain.


You pain, it not what you have mistaken it for. It is a gift. Your pain opens a door unto your heart, it reminds you you are not just a mental being. Your pain brings up your feelings from the depths of your being, calls forth the memories of hope and loss, and fills you with the urgency that is our fleeting life on earth. Your pain is a gift.

Most people spend their lives avoiding pain and chasing pleasure; and ephemeral quest that leads to shallow mediocrity. Pain is that which beckons you from comfort to face an unknown night….

I challenge you….

Find your pain…and bear that pain with you….be with it. Watch your pain transform into power.

June 22, 2014

Power over Pleasure

I choose Power over Pleasure. If you wish to become fully realized, you too must make this choice.


“It is related of certain savage tribes that it is unwise to issue them several days’ rations when starting on a journey, because they will sit down and eat the entire ration at one meal, being unable to resist the inclination, and being unable to control the appetite of the moment in the interest of the certain hunger of tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after. We smile at this, but how many of us are quite as foolish when we sacrifice the success of tomorrow and the next day upon the altar of the satisfaction of the desires of the present moment.”

In this world, we are not encouraged to become spiritual adults. In fact, we are bribed not to ever fully grow up to realize what we are doing, or who we might be. We are encouraged to pursue our immediate pleasures and desires; to forsake greater dreams and visions of who we might be, in favor of short term hits of dopamine that become habitual. Just go eat that junk food. Go watch that porn. Go turn that TV on. Thoughts and desires in a ceaseless stream in the mind of the masses, people reflexively responding to them. The master mind is a different level of individual. What if there were many such people?

Can you imagine a human population full of mature, confident, and intelligent beings?

Freakin’ Awesome! And may it be!



December 29, 2013

Mass Media’s effect on the Population

Critics identified three main problems with the cultural industry. The industry can:

  1. reduce human beings to the state of mass by hindering the development of emancipated individuals, who are capable of making rational decisions;
  2. replace the legitimate drive for autonomy and self-awareness by the safe laziness of conformism and passivity; and
  3. validate the idea that men actually seek to escape the absurd and cruel world in which they live by losing themselves in a hypnotic state self-satisfaction.

Read more at http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/mind-control-theories-and-techniques-used-by-mass-media/#uZmREaRo7woefVXj.99

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